Jolidon Fashion

La Grande Bellezza

Jolidon Fashion - La Grande Bellezza - H1911
A dual fashion line that brings together the lace and the soft bilight, showcasing elements that are inspired from different parts of the nature, like the contouring lines of a seashell. The nervures are manually sewn and each one of them has a delicate string of Swarovski Crystals. “La Grande Bellezza” also illustrates a certain “excessive decoration”, that is drawn from the latest fashion trends, highlighting the glamour, the sumptuousness of the Italian fashionable life.

Romantic Bloom

Jolidon Fashion - Romantic Bloom - S1895+D1895
A day-to-day fashion lingerie line, “Romantic Bloom” redesigns a classic, soft and sweet ensemble, with subtle decorative details, that reminds us of the beginning of a beautiful love story. The butterfly-shaped positioning of the embroidery and the papillon bows, sprinkled with Swarovski Crystals and Pearls, make these lingerie pieces even more precious.