European Fashion Lingerie is the company’s tagline, represents its positioning and is the main feature of Jolidon brands. While other traditional brands offer, most commonly, French or Italian style lingerie, Jolidon summarizes this tradition and takes it to the next level, closer to the 21st century reality, offering the entire world fashionable European lingerie.

Jolidon European Fashion Lingerie

The segmentation process was based on the customer lifestyle, keeping in mind the complementarity of the existing brands and the newly proposed ones.

Jolidon is an umbrella brand for two key-brands: Jolidon Fashion and Jolidon Clandestine, strategically repositioned on the medium/premium segment.

Jolidon Fashion Lingerie

Jolidon Clandestine


Prelude escapes the Jolidon umbrella and is repositioned in the super premium area. Prelude brand reminds of Europe’s aristocratic elegance. Prelude is the lingerie of the modern princess, the strong and the sophisticated woman, the discreet charm of femininity, demanding in a subtle but firm way, absolute obedience.

Following the rebranding from 2008, Jolidon Fashion has repositioned itself as a “FASHION lingerie”, but the changes in its global strategy transformed the slogan to “European Fashion Lingerie”. This expresses Jolidon’s option to present itself as a trend setter not just a manufacturer of comfortable and accessible products.

Jolidon Clandestine was created to occupy the “sexy lingerie” niche in which Jolidon wasn’t present. The brand is dedicated to the active woman, sophisticated and dynamic at the same time, rebel in secret and provocative to the extreme. The lace mask logo is the symbol of mystery and fascination for the secret life of a woman free from any prejudice.

Along the LCS Conf SA takeover, in Jolidon’s portfolio was added the clothing brand for women, Falla Collection.

Falla Collection

Argos, Lilly, Kelitha and Eclizia cover the rest of the lingerie market segments.