• Prelude

    The geometry and the composition of these lingerie pieces
    make them very comfortable, ultra-chic and seductive,
    thus defining the state of mind of the modern woman.

  • Jolidon Clandestine

    An expression of seduction and self-confidence,
    the new Clandestine collection creates
    a vision of a powerful woman,
    in an ultra-modern and unconventional appearance.

  • Jolidon Fashion

    The new Spring-Summer lingerie collection showcases
    classic, soft and really romantic ensembles,
    with precious decorative details,
    that remind us of the beginning of a beautiful love story.

  • Swimwear

    The collection illustrates some of the brand’s core
    values: innovation, originality, flawless quality
    of the product. A variety of styles with floral,
    geometric or exotic prints.

  • Prelude Swimwear

    A luxurious collection made ​​from precious
    materials with exotic, ethno or retro prints.
    Elegance, sophistication and style through
    carefully executed details and exceptional design.

  • A collection dedicated to brides, romantic
    by excellence, refined, elegant and designed
    for moments of ravishing beauty.

  • Men

    Power, vitality, energy and comfort define
    the lingerie products for men.