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Savoir Faire

Over time, the design of the Jolidon collections has been inspired by the latest trends, suggested by the high profile trend & style offices in Europe, completed by classic symbolic elements, together creating a timeless feel.

The Art of Detail

Manually applied decorations

The art of craftsmanship has always been, for the Romanian people, a legacy that transcends from generation to generation, manifesting through fine, handmade works, with an extraordinary attention to details.


The industry of lingerie gets very much inspired by these practices, being a laborious environment, that needs enormous attention and patience, as well as passion for creating pieces of clothing so pretentious size-wise, like the bra, the brief or the corsetry, overall.


For instance, the integration of the Swarovski Crystals in our lingerie designs is an extremely meticulous activity, being manually applied, sometimes piece by piece, with great care and rigorousness.


Placed fabrics

The art of details not only implies the application of minuscule decorations, but also the very use of specific fabrics, either considering the textural graphic, or the print design (in case of the swimwear pieces, for example).

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The Art of Detail

Fabrics & Decorative Details

Fabrics & accessories from top European suppliers

Jolidon products are manufactured in Europe, integrating the European tradition in manufacture, the attention to detail and the use of high quality fabrics and accessories, which are very carefully selected in designing the lingerie and swimwear collections, from the best and well-renowned suppliers in the industry, from Europe.

Dentelle de Calais, Swarovski Elements, Superfine, Sensitive are just a few of the suppliers with which Jolidon has collaborated over the years, thus guaranteeing the quality of our products, to the smallest detail.

Manufacturer and direct seller

Jolidon lingerie and swimwear collections are created and manufactured in its own factory, where the design team, together with the technological and manufacturing teams, develop and overview the entire process, to every little detail, in order to respect the quality of the finite product.
Jolidon products are exported in over 50 countries worldwide, all over Europe, United States of America, Canada, Asia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates etc.

Quality control

One very important step of the technological process in the making of Jolidon products is the monitorization and validation of their conformity to the highest quality standards, especially for the fabrics and their resistance to certain external factors (for example, in the case of swimwear, the products need a special color testing, to ensure its resistance to chlorine water).
The quality control of the products is performed in-house, piece-by-piece.

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