Jolidon is a European lingerie and swimwear brand, that entwines the technological quality of its products with the creativity of design, getting inspired by the latest trends in the industry worldwide.
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Jolidon MedCare

Jolidon  Jolidon MedCare

Jolidon MedCare

Due to the new situation created in the context of the Covid pandemic, Jolidon considered it important to start a research and development process of useful products to prevent and combat the spread of this infection.


From March 2020, the research process of materials started, samples were collected and their mechanical properties have been verified in our own laboratory. Prototypes were made and solutions have been developed following various expressed requests by various state institutions (hospitals, town halls, ambulances), non-profit humanitarian organizations, and public or private economic agents.


Following this approach, the company managed to approve prototypes based on European standards and build a set of protective equipment to meet the specific needs arising from the outbreak of the SARS-Cov2 pandemic. The research and development process is continuous, Jolidon company continues to look for technologies, evolved raw materials, and types of equipment so that the proposed items meet the highest technical and quality standards.



Jolidon - MedCare