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Victoria Swarovski wears Prelude for Das Supertalent final

Prelude, the luxury brand of Group Jolidon, has created a unique piece, named “La Principessa”, especially to be worn by Victoria Swarovski at Das Supertalent final (Germany), streamed by RTL television.


On Saturday night, December 17th, RTL streamed the final of Das Supertalent, the jury being form by Dieter Bohlen, Victoria Swarovski and Bruce Darnell.


Victoria Swarovski, singer and actress, member of the Swarovski family, had a spectacular appearance wearing “La Principessa” red dress, made by Prelude, showing a very dynamic & ultraglam look.


The asymmetry of the dress gives a touch of modernity and is perfectly completed by the V-plunge corset. The shoulder pads, decorated with Swarovski Crystals, smoothly defined the contour of the overall look, being tied to the corset through a few crystal strings.


The dress created by Prelude is entirely handmade, in our workshops, with fabrics & decorative accessories of very high quality and refinery.


The Chantilly lace, which was used for this dress, is one of the most delicate and valuable types of lace in the textile industry. This was embroidered with tone-in-tone beads and Swarovski Crystals, manually applied. Sophie Hallette, the manufacturer of this fabric, is well-known for providing the lace of which was created Kate Middleton’s wedding dress.


Also, for “La Principessa” piece there were used a few thousand Swarovski Crystals, eventually being evaluated at approximately 22.000 €.


This project was initiated in partnership with our collaborators from Germany – RM Exclusive Lingerie, and Swarovski. Currently, Group Jolidon is one of the two companies with whom Swarovski has an official partnership in Romania (starting from 2005). Prelude is a luxury lingerie & swimwear brand, made in Europe, as part of the Group Jolidon. The Prelude style is a cosmopolitan one, versatile and avant-garde, where the fashion, the art and the refinery become part of the modern woman’s lifestyle  


As a European brand, Prelude celebrates its authenticity through high-quality design and manufacturing – including the handmade details. All the fine & precious fabrics, respectively superiorly qualitative accessories, are provided by well-known and appreciated European suppliers.


The Prelude collections can be found in a selection of specialized luxury boutiques around Europe & USA.

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