Jolidon este un brand internațional de lenjerie și costume de baie, care combină calitatea tehnologică a produselor cu creativitatea designului, inspirându-se din cele mai noi trenduri din industrie la nivel global.
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Jolidon celebrates its 25th anniversary

Jolidon celebrates its 25th anniversary

The international lingerie & swimwear brand goes “back to basics” with two new essential lingerie collections


January 2018, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


This year, JOLIDON – a European fashion lingerie & swimwear brand – celebrates its 25th anniversary by launching a series of new essential lingerie collections, along with its seasonal fashion collectionsthe proposals for the Fall / Winter 2018-2019 season, including a collection dedicated to larger cups sizes (up to G).   


The brand marks this anniversary moment with returning back to basics, honoring well being and seduction, in the spirit of when it all started, in 1993. The first products Jolidon ever created were a few basic lingerie pieces, that are still highly requested on the market, even after a quarter of a century. The new collections JOLIDON launches this year are a celebration of the brand’s growth and evolution, both as a lingerie designer and as a manufacturer, showcasing a trendy design and advanced technology.  


The two essential lingerie collections  – Basic Collection by Jolidon Clandestine and UltraLight Collection by Jolidon Essentials – refer to certain key-aspects that are in high-rise in the industry at the moment: sensual simplicity, transparency, technically modern designs.

Also, JOLIDON launches Joliform, a seasonal fashion lingerie collection created for the fuller bust women, inspired by the already launched swimwear collection of the same name (Joliform Swimwear).


Now with a highly acknowledged experience and know-how in undergarment creation and manufacturing, JOLIDON has invested great efforts during these 25 years of existence in constantly developing its technologies and product design, being in a tight connection with the latest trends in the industry. As an official recognition, in 2017, JOLIDON has been named the most powerful brand in the apparel industry in Romania, its home country.  


The core strengths of the brand – its creative design and high functionality – have been expressed in every collection of the past 25 years, while always keeping a surprise and “lovestruck” effect for its customers, constantly reinventing itself. JOLIDON’s imagery and creative direction in its collections throughout time have always been in close touch with social changes in expressing sensuality and femininity, while standing for empowering women in embracing their unique beauty. The brand’s new tagline “Créateur de désir” expresses this exact idea.


The fashion collections for the Fall / Winter 2018-2019 season interpret these artistic notions in beautiful, cutting-edge lingerie pieces, that offer both amazing comfort and a sense of timeless style & elegance, expressing a stance of sensuality and confidence.


These latest collections were launched at the first major industry event of 2018 – Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris, between the 20th and 22nd of January, continuing their exposure at other important upcoming events in Europe and United States. The full event schedule is available on the official website, at www.jolidon.com/news-events.  


New essential lingerie collections

Basic Collections

Fall / Winter 2018-2019 Collections



See more details about the new FW 2018-2019 collections here.





Jolidon is a European lingerie and swimwear brand, that entwines the technological quality of its products with the creativity of design, getting inspired by the latest trends in the industry worldwide. Excellence has always been a key-motivator for Jolidon, starting with its foundation, in 1993, thus always looking to approach modern technologies and creative ideas in terms of design, to create a wide range of products for a large variety of consumers, women and men of every age – women being the majoritary target group. The international brand is present in over 50 countries, on every continent.    

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